Christy Kennard

Go Astros! March 16, 2010

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yet another oldie….

Ok so last week we get a call from one of the deacons in our church who happened to have some spare tickets to the Astros game. Not the spare tickets where you have to buy them from your friend, but the spare kind where they just give them to you for free…..:)It was a crazy week with the back to school bash and Superman Sunday, but we decided what the heck. We get to the game and not only do we get some free tickets……….we were in the suite. They should call them the “sweet” tickets! It was GREAT!!! First of all we are ushered into these fancy little elevators, yeah no escalators for us!!! Then we have to show our ticket to like 5 people just to make sure that we actually are supposed to be on this floor, talk about feeling a little out of place. Ok so we finally get to our suite… was so fun. We had a fajita buffet, a little waitress ready to refill our drinks, cookies, chips and queso,  steak, veggies, jumbo shrimp, and little bags of peanuts and cracker jacks to top it off. Ok, so I am not used to this business political stuff and I was impressed. So when I got home I was just talking to the Lord and thanking Him for blessing us and then I was thinking about how lame this whole event will be in light of what we will experience when we get to our eternal feast! WOW…scripture speaks of banquets, feasts, mansions, …..etc. In a worldly sense it was awesome to be blessed with this free night out, but if that was great I can only imagine the feast prepared for us in Heaven. Just like my little Astros tickets, it is totally free. He isn’t standing there with His hand out expecting some payment… fact that would just be an insult. He is however standing there with His arms open ready to receive us!


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