Christy Kennard

abundance…. March 16, 2010

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To have life more abundantly??? What in the heck does that mean? Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that that is exactly why he came in the first place. He came that we might have an abundant life. Does that mean heaven? We have to live it out down here in hopes that one day we might get the chance to live abundantly…. Is is actually possible that life on earth can be “abundant?” If it is then what do I need to do….sign me up! Who doesn’t desire to have an abundant life? Who doesn’t want to have a life that is free from all the baggage that we choose to carry? I think that we have 2 choices: we can choose to live abundantly, or to live as the world lives. How? Sin-less. Although I belive in the grace of God, I also believe that he allows us to suffer the consequences of our sin. If I want to have a better life, free from these consequences I must remove sin from my life. Simple example if I speed and get a ticket, yes speeding is a sin darn it, it is not convenient to have to go to defensive driving or to go to the courthouse to pay the fine……a consequence of my action. If I would have just obeyed the law in the first place my life would be less complicated and “more abundant.” A simple example, I know, but it applies to everything that we do. Life is only as complicated and burdensome as we allow it to be. Life does not have to be weighed down by our sin…but we have to be willing to die to ourselves in order to live “abundantly.” Life can be simple and abundant if we make it our ambition to serve and please the Lord. No more baggage! No more consequences…..just a life that is fufilling and abundant!


One Response to “abundance….”

  1. gmanon Says:

    Very true, real happiness won’t survive with a sinful life.

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