Christy Kennard

justice March 16, 2010

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A while back I was listening to talk tadio….I know I am officially a nerd….and there was this big discussion about the “luck” of Ken Lay dropping dead before being sentenced to prision. Many of the people who called into the show were actually upset that he did not have to pay the penalty for what he did. They were looking forward to seeing this big time criminal suffer. I think we all have times in our lives when we want to see people brought to justice, we want people to get what they deserve!!! This mentality is exactly what I came across last night while doing some reading…Matthew 20:1-16. Let me give you a little summary…..There was some dude who needed to hire some workers for his field and went and hired a few guys, couple of hours later he went and hired a few more, couple of hours later a few more, and then just an hour or so before quitting time he went and hired a couple more. End of the day comes and it is time for him to pay the workers for what they did…..he payed everyone the same amount. Needless to say this upset the guys who worked their tails off all day and received the same amount of money as the guy who only worked an hour. Is that just or fair? Shouldn’t they guys who worked longer get paid more? I think the point here is that Jesus simply wants people to come to Him. Some people will live for Him their entire lives and others will choose to believe in Him on their death bed. He promises eternal life to those who believe….even if they wait until the last minute to do so. We all receive the same reward! Maybe it doesn’t seem fair but here is the alternative, we all spend an eternity seperated from Him. You see none of us deserves the right to spend eternity with our creator, all of us are sinners. He says that if we commit just one sin we are guilty of all of them! His grace and His mercy is far more than we could possibly comprehend. He desires that absoutly no one would perish, He created all of us with the desire that we would choose Him. He loves us enough that He is willing to accept us just as we are. He has so much to offer!


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