Christy Kennard

redeeming love March 16, 2010

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I am reading this amazing book right now called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. The whole book is an attempt at a modern version of the book of Hosea. There is this girl who had it really rough as a child ends up as a prostitute…..Michael comes to rescue her and she fights him at every turn unable to really trust him. That is an extremely brief summary of this 500 page book. I did a bible study with the women at our church last spring over the book of Hosea (yeah that is one of those little books in the bible that you probably didn’t even know was there….) and this piece of fiction creatively brings it to life. The underlying theme of both books is that God is a God who ultimately desires to give His grace to us……all of us. Here are these prostitutes, people we want to simply look down upon, and God is holding out his arms ready to embrace them. He sends these women to “godly” men who we would never expect to “lower” themselves to be with that sort of woman. It is so humbling when we realize that all of us are sinners, and all of our sins seperate us from God. There is nothing too bad that we cannot receive forgivness for, and nothing that will keep the heart of the Father from longing to be in a relationship with us. I challenge each of us, including myself, to receive that love, that gift of grace. Allow Him to embrace you (deut. 33:12) Rest between the shoulders of YOUR creator. Allow him to heal us so we can live a life of peace and security in Him. My life is so much fuller when I truly allow Him not to just be my god, but my Lord!!!


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