Christy Kennard

the extra-ordinary March 16, 2010

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This year my husband and I decided we needed to have some defined “traditions” that we celebrated as a family ever year at Christmas. We tossed around a few ideas and made every effort to pack as much excitement into each tradition to make sure that it would bring back great memories for our children. We would not just go look at Christmas lights, everyone had to have a piping hot cup of cocoa to take along. We couln’t just make sugar cookies, we had to have all the sprinkles and frosting you can imagine. When it came time to plan the reading of the Christmas story we had to make sure it was extra special….so we dimmed the lights and fired up the logs. We came to the conclusion that memories are not made in the ordinary….they are made in the extraordinary.

Isn’t this exactly what Jesus did during his ministry. He didn’t just walk around preaching to everyone, he did some pretty extraoridnary things. He healed the sick, brought back the dead, and gave vision to the blind. What he did was so extraordinary that we still hear about it 2000 years later. He did a tremendous job making memories!

As I mull over the miracles that Jesus performed, I often wonder how this really relates to us as modern believers. I have never seen the power of death be overcome, yet I still believe with ever corner of my being that Jesus is God. Why is that? What extraordinary things has he done in my life that keep my faith alive and strong. When I take the time to really think about it, he has done more than bring a dead man back to life, he has made my life worth living. He has given me grace. He gives me peace. He provides more than I could possibly imagine. He speaks to my spirit and makes His word come alive. He makes my life extraordinary!

Mark 14:1-10


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