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the past that shaped my future March 16, 2010

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This is one that I wrote for the youth in my church a couple years ago…..

Ok so I go home for Christmas this year and my mom has this great idea that she wants my sister and I to help her clean out her attic. She is one of those people that insists on keeping everything…I think they call them packrats. (Brandon happens to be one of these as well!!!) So we pull down atleast 50 boxes full of stuff from the day of my sisters birth until recently. Boxes full of kindergarten projects, dance costumes, cheerleading uniforms, report cards, stuffed animals, cabbage patch kids, barbies…you name it if I had it as a child it was in one of those boxes. It was so much fun to have that experiece with my mom and my sister. So many memories that just made us laugh and cry all at the same time. Then I come across a box full of notes and letters that I recived over the years. I don’t know how in the world I managed it but I kept every letter or note I ever got from the time I hit seventh grade until I graduated from college. I didn’t read all of them because it might possibly have taken me a week to get through them all. I had so many mixed emotions as I read through these letters. The junior high letters were just plain funny. A new crush with each letter and a a new drama to go along with it. It was quite humorous. The emotional part of this little trip down memory lane was when I came across all the letters from high school. Many of you know that for the first part of high school my life was not focused on the Lord….enough said! My junior year in high school the Lord blessed me sent me amazing people that He used to shape me into the person I am today. I made a couple of friends that year that lived their lives for the Lord and my life changed forever. That year God sent a couple to lead the youth at our church and they took me in, as well as the rest of the crew, and just loved on us. I had some amazing relationships come out of that youth group! Girls that kept me grounded and one particular guy that explained the scriputres that were way over my head. As I read many of these letters from these people I began to wonder what they were up to these days. Are they still living a life that would please the Father? Do they have any idea what impact they had on my life? Do they even remember me? It really made me sad until church today. My pastor was doing the typical sermon the Sunday before New Years. Make 2007 a GREAT year, make the changes that need to be made… know, most of you were there (assuming you were actually listening and not sending text messages to the person next to you….) We have chapters in our lives that are simply that..chapters. I have yet to read a book that only has one chapter that never ends. Our lives are broken in to parts. Some of these parts are good, some are bad, and others are just ok. There were some chapters in my life that I would love to rewrite but looking back I see how God used those times in my life to prepare me for where I am today. He sent me christian friends and a boyfriend that loved God at a time when I was just beginning to open my heart to the Father. He allowed me to live in my sin and in the perfect moment he gave me the gift of grace and the ability to be reborn! If someone would have told me at 16 all that God had in store for me I would never have believed them! I would never have imagined that God’s plan for me would include ministering to teenagers. That my life would be filled with loving on kids and encouraging them in their relationships with Christ. I am simply honored that He would use me to help build His kingdom. I share all of this with you guys because I want you to know that being a light for Christ will leave an impression on people that could last a lifetime. I had many other friends in high school but they didn’t leave a lasting impression. You don’t have to continue to struggle between your desires and His! He has a plan for you and I promise it is even better than you could possibly imagine. Seek him, seek out people that will encourage your relationship with Him. Pray for friends that will bring out the best in you! God is faithful and desires you so much more than you could possible understand!!!!!!


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  1. Well, this girlfriend from that HS youth group remembers you! And is living a life that is pleasing to the Father – or at least trying to everyday! 🙂 That youth ministry experience had a profound impact on my life as well and was definitely a catalyst in my life in ministry today. Thanks for reflecting and causing me to spend a few minutes reflecting too!

    Julie (Seibold) Billmeier

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