Christy Kennard

too much, not enough March 16, 2010

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Toilets are important and toilet paper is good! We recently had a crisis at our home that involved too few toilets and too much toilet paper. We have seven people in our house which also means seven bottoms. Normally the three toilets we have are suffiicent but on this particular day we were down to just one! That is what we call a too little. One toilet needed some new guts and my husband had been working on it (the first set didn’t fit.) The other toilet was overflowing as a result of too much toilet paper. The whole point is that too few toilets causes a problem (with seven people) and too much toilet paper causes yet another problem.

Balance is an incredibly difficult thing to find sometimes. We have so many things that we want to do and so many things that we need to do. It is easy to swing too far in one direction and not enough in the other. Some people are really good at doing all the things that need to get done and as a result don’t make the time for the things that they want to get done. On the other hand some people do all the things that that want to do and don’t make enough time for the things that they need to do. Too much and too little…..

I imagine that Jesus felt this way often times in his ministry. He had these twelve guys that he was discipling and training, everywhere he went people flocked to him longing to see a miracle. These were very good things. At the same time he just needed a break sometimes and needed to get alone with his Father. (Mark 1:35, Mark 6:45-46, Mark 14:32-34, Luke 4:42, Luke 5:16, Luke 6:12)


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