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the tooth fairy will NOT be visiting…. March 27, 2010

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Isaac, our second oldest child, lost his first tooth today.  Several years ago when we had to make the decision about all those exciting fictional characters who come to visit, my husband was adamant that they would simply have to skip over the Kennard house.   While the tooth fairy does not have visitation privileges, dad’s wallet apparently does.  When our oldest lost his first tooth he was given $2 for his little chomper.  That set the pace for all succeeding loses.  Isaac’s tooth has been loose for a couple of weeks and he has gone the extra mile to protect it.  His brother informed him that when it came out it was going to bleed and he has done everything in his power to prolong the inevideble….until we checked the mail.

Isaac’s birthday is coming up in about a week and he received a Toy’s R Us gift card today.  He has his heart set on some Star Wars legos and this, along with the money he as been saving, left him a couple dollars short of what he needs to buy it.  Once he realized that pesky little tooth would put him over the top caution was thrown to the wind.  He was twisting, turning and yes…bleeding.  He was running around begging my husband and I to help him pull it out.  He had his eye on a couple of George Washington’s and nothing was going to stop him.  After about an hour, with a little help from dad, victory!

As I was pondering my son’s motives today I realized how often I do this to God, he has given me a book full of promises.  He tells me when I pray he will answer, when I am in need he will provide and when I seek Him he will be found.   He has laid it all out in front of me and I hold out.  I don’t trust him to listen to me or provide for me, at least not until I have tried to do it on my own.  What would my life look like it if I learned to place my faith and trust in Jesus first?  If I took him up on his promises in the little things?    It is easy for me to run into the arms of my God when I am hurt or when things seem way to big for me, but I long to remember that he wants to be a part of all things… including the small stuff!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13


3 Responses to “the tooth fairy will NOT be visiting….”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Ok, I must know what that “little help from Dad” entailed.

  2. Allison Rhodes Says:

    That was such a good reminder. Thank you for sharing all of your reminders and realizations from God. I love you my friend!!

  3. Andrea: It included pliers…ha! Just kidding. Brandon got a good hold on it and pulled it free!

    Allison: THANKS!!! love you too!!!

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