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Train Wreck April 3, 2010

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Last week we had a train come crashing through our house…..the puking train!  When you have seven people living under one roof these type of viruses get their money’s worth!  It all started with my two-year old daughter…you know the one that doesn’t understand that puke belongs in the same place as the poop!  Luckily I was sitting next to her on my bed when I saw her eyes open up in confusion, and felt her stomach start to revolt….in one fell swoop we sprinted to the bathroom just in time.  We had a little splatter but other than that VICTORY!   I knew that this was only the beginning so I kept my eye out for any signs of this little illness peeking its head up in the rest of the crew.  Sure enough the next morning my four-year old wound up hugging the porcelain throne for a couple of hours.  Later in the afternoon I took the boys to home depot and the 5-year-old hurled all over himself and the seat.  As I made a pitiful effort to clean it up  my eyes started tearing up, my mouth started watering, and I was gagging .  My oldest son was literally laughing out loud at me.  I finally had to just step out of the car and get some fresh air, I just couldn’t do it.  I called my husband, who has the stomach to handle this sort of mess, and begged him to help me.  Once we got home he  finished what I honestly could not finish!  As of right now everyone else has been spared…

Most people would agree that puke is one of the nastiest things!  I have yet to meet a mom who has the ability to clean it up without feeling as if they too were going to lose it.  I honestly would rather lay down and not move to avoid that dreadful visit to the toilet.  I think that is why God used that illustration when he talks about lukewarm Christians.  “So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” (Rev. 3:16)  In this particular passage God is talking about how we are not really committed in our relationship with Him,  I can relate to this.  I am committed to God when the going gets tough, but when life is normal I am pretty content to just do it on my own.  I like the idea of living my life in total commitment to God but when it comes to being diligent about it I get lazy.  God wants 100% full commitment.  He doesn’t just want the stuff that I am incapable of doing on my own, he wants to be a part of everything that I do.  He wants to be Lord of my life, not just Lord of my hard times.  He wants me to want him, to be in love with him and to realize that my life without him is….cold! 

I was thinking today about Easter and how I haven’t really taken much time to really focus on the meaning of it this year.  I take for granted all that Jesus endured for me when carried that cross and was later nailed to it.  I like to focus a lot on the resurrection but today “good Friday” marks the day in which he died…..for me!  A few years ago when The Passion came out I watched in horror at the on-screen interpretation of all that Jesus went through in his final hours on this earth.  I think about that and it makes want to turn up the heat in my walk with him.  I want to be HOT!  I want to be on fire for this guy.  This is what makes life worth living, this is what makes being a Christian so different from any other religion.  I serve a God that  overcame death, he is ALIVE!  I want my life to be a celebration of this every single day!


6 Responses to “Train Wreck”

  1. Sarah Says:

    It is funny that you should mention The Passion. In an effort to truly remind ourselves what this weekend is about, we invited some friends over and watched it tonight. It really does bring everything into focus and ignite my own passion for who I am in Him and the sacrifice He made for me. My prayer is that I keep that passion ignited and that it is evident to others the joy that I have through Him.
    I have been enjoying reading your blog and your insights from everyday situations as a mom!

    • That is awesome! I need to go pull it out and watch it. It takes a lot of work for me to keep my passion for Jesus ignited. It is much easier to become complacent…but not nearly as fulfilling!!!! Happy Easter!!!!

  2. Gune Says:

    I watched the Passion on Good Friday at noon. It is so heart breaking to watch our Lord suffer. Yet I reminded myself – He did it for ME!!! There is no greater love that that.

  3. Andrea Says:

    I’m sorry about the family stomach virus. 😦 And I totally relate to the falling back into lukewarmness but not wanting to be there. It’s SO much better living 100% for Jesus rather than just a small fraction.

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