Christy Kennard

jellies April 13, 2010

In preparation for the warmer weather last week I took my daughter to go buy some new sandals.  As we came down the aisle I came to a dead stop.  I looked to my left and there was an entire display of jelly shoes.  Please tell me you wore them as a child, they were clear in all their plastic glory.  I had an immediate flashback to my childhood.  My mom used to tell me all the time when I was a kid that the newest and greatest styles were anything but new.  She reminded me often that all of this stuff I wore used to be in style when she was a kid.  I honestly remember rolling my eyes and thinking my mom was just some old lady.  Uhhhh..SLAP!  I totally felt like I had been slapped in the face as I looked into jelly shoe heaven.  Am I really old enough already to see these trends come back around in the fashion world?  Despite my feeling ancient I couldn’t resist buying a pair for my daughter.  I am sure that all summer long I will look down and almost feel my hair turning gray. 

What has been will be again,  what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecc. 1:9

Doesn’t this verse ring true? This is not just the case when it comes to fashion.  As someone who works with teenagers in ministry people make comments all the time about how much worse our society is now than it has ever been.  I won’t argue that in our current culture this is true.  There is more teen pregnancy, abortion, drugs, suicide, etc…. in this generation than any other time.   But it is still nothing new…look for it in scripture.  Way back in Genesis, the very first book of the bible, there was murder, rape, jealousy and homosexuality… just to name a few.  These horrible things have been around since sin entered our world.  They will continue on their path of destruction as long as sin reigns.   I am certainly not making excuses for sin in our lives, but I think that sometimes we get the idea that things can’t get better, that they can only get worse.  I don’t believe that,  evil and sin will always be present but as long as God is living in the hearts of people all round the globe there is still hope.  God sent a flood to wipe out all but one family because of the horrible sin of the people.  He spread people all over the earth because collectively they were too sinful, and he destroyed towns by fire to eliminate their detestable acts.  There is nothing new under the sun, it all comes back around!  God is still present.  He is still capable of doing great and mighty things through all of those who choose to follow Him.  It is not hopeless, we are not too far gone!

The Jellies


One Response to “jellies”

  1. DM Says:

    Solomon talked about planting large gardens and orchards, landscaping , surrounding himself with male and female singers… he had an unlimited budget, and STILL wasn’t satisfied with what he was able to do. sounds a lot like what I do on a much smaller scale 3000 years later- it’s a great reminder to me not to chase the mirage of …if I just had _________then I’d be happy.
    Just yesterday I thought to myself- if I just had a dozen blueberry plants to grow blueberries that would make our orchard complete- then I thought- who am I kidding- I planted 100 apple trees so far with that same sort of logic, and that didn’t quench that hankering for more- a few blue berry plants won’t either. You’re so right. there is nothing new under the sun- nothing

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