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My NOT SO pretty toes…. August 27, 2010

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One of my favorite things about flip-flop season is painting my daughters toes.  It is such a girly time and we have a blast!  We have been growing our colorful collection of polish and picked up a hot pink last week.  My girls couldn’t wait until we got home and cleaned off last weeks color to get started. 

While their toes were drying they decided that they wanted to paint my toes.  I was hesitant to say the least.  I knew that it would be messy and in my quest to control everything I cringed as I handed them the brush.  My older daughter did the left foot and the younger one did  the right.   I giggled right along with them as they took turns painting each one.  They struggled to distinguish between the skin on my toes and the toenail!

The final product was certainly not something you would see coming out of the salon, but I guarantee you it was packed with a ton more laughter!  We all had such a good time and it will definitely be stored in the long-term memory!  As bad as my toes actually looked I could not bring myself to pull out the polish remover for several days.  My husband, who does not normally pay too much attention to my toes, asked what had happened to them a couple of days later.  My daughters were quick to explain and eager to hear affirmation of a job well done!

A few days later as I brought myself to touch up the job, I contemplated how apprehensive I was initially to let them paint my toes for me.  If I am totally honest with myself it was a temporary moment of weakness actually handing them the brush.  They have asked me every single week since the beginning of the summer if they could return the favor for me, and every time  I have told them no.  I knew what the final product would look like and  I was confident it would need to be fixed.  I was right.  Despite this, I wish I would have been less stubborn.  It may not have been all that pleasant to the eye, but in the end my girls were so proud of themselves.

Even as I was repainting I pondered how often I have kept my kids from branching out and doing something new.  They want to dust the furniture but I don’t let them because I know I will have to re-do it.  They want to put away the laundry and I cringe because they will inevitably mess up the perfectly folded towels.  I want my kids to grow up and have confidence in their ability to try new things and yet I am stifling them in the time of their life when they do not have inhibitions.  No more!  Who cares of the pantry is a little less organized or the silverware tray is not quite right!  I don’t have to do everything and I have a handful of people (literally) who are eager to help out!

“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”  Hebrews 3:13


8 Responses to “My NOT SO pretty toes….”

  1. What a sweet post Christy:) It’s so fun to hear how the Lord is teaching you through these little everyday things like painting nails! I love it! I think too often I limit myself and don’t branch out for that very thing- I will mess up, “paint outside the lines” and just fail… but I am learning!

  2. jterrill Says:

    In the past I have found myself trying to control too many of the little things in my life. I am surrounded by people each day whose only desire is to help with the “chores”. When I finally let go and quit worrying about exactly how every little detail would turn I was able to relax and enjoy the blessings God had planned for me an those around me. God has blessed you and you are a blessing to me. Thanks for sharing your life and your teachable moments.

  3. Diane Says:

    Beautiful!!! I definately have a lot of “polishing” to do in my life and in my own stubborn will. Thank you for your awsome insight!!!

  4. Kristy R Says:

    I am terrible at this. I always want Zach to do it the “right” way- and I really have to take a step back and say “does it really matter if he does it that way?” –So you are not alone- lol if I had girls and they wanted to paint my toes I probably would have had a panic attack not being able to help them….lol so kuddos to you!

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