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Chruches, Bankruptcy……the Truth Comes Out! October 25, 2010

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I read in the news last week about the Crystal Cathedral filing for bankruptcy.  As sad as this is it was not the article that left me pondering and heavy-hearted….it was the thousands of comments left by readers!  A vast majority of the comments were negative.  People accused the church of robbery, deception and corruption (just to name a few).  Many of the comments generalized the Christian church as a whole in their accusations. 

I realize that my world is fairly small and most of the people who I communicate with on a regular basis share my faith.  Because of this, I caught myself really surprised at the hostility against Christianity as a whole.  Many people were outraged at the fact that churches don’t pay  taxes.  Several people claimed that the church does nothing to contribute to society except to feed people’s imaginations and the pastors ego.  After reading through twenty pages I had to stop….is this really what people think about the church and Christianity?  I realize that some people comment mindlessly but there is always some truth to what people post.  The fact is that the church is full of sinners.  There is no perfect church and despite what the critics think I doubt a single one would claim to be!  I pray that as followers of Jesus we would go the extra mile to be a reflection of Christ in our daily lives.  People can comment all day long on their misconceptions about the church, but they can’t dispute your testimony.  Our lives should be a reflection of the God we serve!!!


2 Responses to “Chruches, Bankruptcy……the Truth Comes Out!”

  1. Colin Says:

    AMEN! The World hate us just like it did/does Jesus. We gotta show the World His heart despite the spital that runs down His face.

  2. Wow! I had no idea. You are so right in what you say…been thinking about the same…going the extra mile to display Christ’s love. Everyone is watching us.

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