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INFESTATION!!!!!! November 4, 2010

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We went out-of-town last week for a little family time and when we came back a new family had moved into our house!!!

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up the K crew and headed to the pumpkin patch.  We gave the kids a budget and let them explore up and down the rows of orange to choose their victim.  As we headed home an hour later we only saw smiling faces in the rearview mirror.  We were able to convince the boys that carving the pumpkin a full two weeks before Halloween would inevitably lead to rotting.  The girls were not persuaded!  Out came the carving kit and before bedtime we had six triangle eyes staring back at us.

Fast-forward 10 days when we got home after a short get away, fruit flies had found a new place to start a family.  As I researched the little pest online I shouted a resounding AMEN when I read about their ability to reproduce at an incredible pace…I had proof of that flying around my house!  After attempting, without success, to make some traps we set off a fogger and they were gone!

………………if only it was that easy to get rid of the sin in my life!


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