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Chaos and Christmas…. November 28, 2010

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I love Christmas!  I know that seems cheesy because most people feel the same way.  I have always loved this time of year but the last few years I have learned to love it differently.

Having a house full of kids certainly helps but we have really changed the way we do things around here.  I love buying stuff for my kids but found that Christmas became overwhelming.   After a few years of the chaos we decided to trim the tree and the madness.  

This began some amazingly fun times at our house.  We have shifted our purchases from things that go under to the tree to things that go in the stockings.  Now…our stocking are not for babies, we have stockings on steroids.  When my husband and I got married the 12 inch stocking you could purchase would not suffice for my extra merry man.  We made oversized ones and have added several more to the mantle over the years.  This has been so much fun!  My kids know what will fit in there and have a great time making suggestions for everyone under our roof. 

Another thing we decided to do is to make things for our extended family.  We try really hard to stay away from the photo mugs and coupon  books.  (I have some really GREAT projects underway already this year!) I discovered last year that this is definitely not cheaper but it is so much more personal.  My kids and I have been sewing, melting, painting and gluing already the last few days.  There is such great satisfaction for all of us when we hand a gift to the people that we love the most knowing that we poured our hearts into it.  I feel like I have given a piece of myself to these amazing people. 

While we will most certainly load up on our fair share of  homemade hot chocolate and sugar cookies, we won’t be overloading on all the things  that cloud the true spirit of Christmas!  We have been trying to establish some good family traditions and to make sure that our kids learn to celebrate the Savior first and foremost. 

What kinds of things do you do to make this time of year extra special?  I would love to hear your thoughts!  (…..and don’t be offended if we adopt them as our own 🙂 )


6 Responses to “Chaos and Christmas….”

  1. Stacy T Says:

    Every year we get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. The kids LOVE it, and then we pick on them a bit and Christmas Morning we don’t open gifts right up, we have a nice big breakfast first and then we open the rest of the gifts (stockings and one or two things)

    We also try to give more than we get during this time. My kids really feel the joy of Christmas just knowing they got to help someone else have a good Christmas day.

    I have been crocheting Christmas gifts for people, everyone can use a good warm hat this time of year! My kids make cards to go with each gift, so we work together, it is a lot of fun!

    • I LOVE the breakfast before gifts idea. We normally eat after we do gifts…I might just try that this year! I am certainly adopting the idea of the kids making cards, they would love doing that. Sounds like Christmas is a BLAST at the Todd house!

  2. brandy Says:

    our traditions are: family picks out a real christmas tree, kids buy one new ornament for their tree and we make new ones to add to it every year. So when they are grown they will have handmande ornaments to look back on remember the memories making them. Just last night Lauren was helping to unpack ornaments and she said I remember making this last year, it was fun. We also like you have made gifts the last few years. This year daddy is making Micah a wooden sword, I made Hannah the western purse and Lauren a cupcake apron. Lastly the kids use their own money to buy their siblings a gift of their choice.

    • brandy Says:

      oops forgot Lexi…, making her a rag doll.

    • Awesome…Brandon keeps telling me we need to make ornaments. Maybe we will actually do that this year! 🙂

      • Crystal Says:

        It’s a little late, but maybe for next year? We make cinnamon ornaments every year. It makes the whole house smell wonderful for days and the kids love making them. It’s like playing with really messy playdough. We also give them away as gifts.
        We also eat a breakfast before gifts–and read the Christmas story. Last year, when my son was six, my husband had him “act out” the Christmas story with our children’s nativity while he read. It was such a big hit, he asked if he could do it again this year!

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