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Did I read that right??? April 27, 2011

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I have been writing our next series for small group and sat down this morning to crank out the second lesson on Moses.  I was working through some of the text when some very strange verses seemed to float off the page.  I read them over and over again…..

 “At a lodging place on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him.  But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it. “Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,” she said.  So the LORD let him alone. (At that time she said “bridegroom of blood,” referring to circumcision.)”  Exodus 4:24-26

Now I know that you are reading this wondering what kind of sick perverted woman I am.  Hear me out.  I had just finished reading how God called Moses.  Moses was not a willing participant in God’s plan to use him to deliver his people from the Egyptians.  Despite Moses’ pleading and excuses, God was persistent.  He wanted to use Moses!  Here we are just a few verses down and now God wants to kill him?

As I let these verses swim around in my mind I came to this conclusion:  God didn’t expect Moses to clean up his act before He called him.  He did however require that he get it right  before he used Him.  God had been very clear when he made the covenant with Abraham that circumcision was something that he required of his people.  Obviously Moses had disregarded this.  As I let this realization wash over me I felt as if I were wading in a pool of grace.  God is so merciful.  He called Moses out, encouraged him, and prepared him for the incredible task ahead knowing that he had not lived an obedient life.  It wasn’t until Moses was on the way to Egypt that God stopped him in his tracks.  He needed Moses to get things right in order to be the leader that God had called him to be.  Moses had to learn in that moment that the only way to prevent drowning was to follow God’s commands!

I have much to learn from Moses, God went on to use him to lead and entire nation of people.  I want to be used by God like that!  My deepest prayer is that I will be prepared when the waves of discipline and awareness of the sin in my life are revealed to me. Surely it is painful at the time but if it is in preparation for God’s work to be done in my life, it is worth it!


One Response to “Did I read that right???”

  1. Good challenge, Christy. Thanks.

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