Christy Kennard

Smashing Stereotypes February 24, 2012

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Every spring we have what we call Revive Weekend.  It is basically a localized retreat where we have a couple hundred students, concerts, worship and lots of bible study.  It is so much work but one of the greatest opportunities to really build relationships with students.  We recruit host homes and drivers from within our church and this year I met an amazing woman!  Theresa.  She just happens to be a wildly young seventy something year old woman!


This woman was passionate!


She was one of our drivers but on several occasions she asked how she could be MORE involved.  She not only wanted to share her wheels with us, she wanted to jump in with her heart!


On the first night she was leading the kids in her group to her car when she tripped and face planted in the parking lot.  There was lots of blood and even more worried teenagers.


It was scary.


While we were searching for a medical professional in the group, the only concern she had was that she get her kids to their house so they could all go have bible study.  Seriously!  From forehead to knees this woman was dripping blood  and she could not scramble for her keys fast enough!


As we arrived at church on Saturday morning she was there smiling from wrinkled ear to wrinkled ear, face covered in band-aids!  She spent the entire day worshiping the Lord, scraping houses in the 3rd ward, and seeking every opportunity to connect with the teenagers!


When I picture myself at her age I imagine lots of things but hanging out with hundreds of teenagers is not one of them!  Theresa….you inspired me.  And you inspired a room full of kids, too!


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