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What? Pray? March 18, 2012

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One of my favorite things about being married to a pastor is learning from him every week!  If there is one thing my husband does not lack it is passion!  That boy has more heart than I could hope for!

This week he was teaching on prayer.  No really.  Not just the typical message about how we should pray, but a message about how we MUST pray!  He passed these boards around the entire room having everyone write out something that they needed prayer for.  Then he did the most uncomfortable thing I have ever seen.  He asked everyone in the room to find a partner and actually pray for them.  Out loud!

I was sitting in the back of the room and you could see people squirming in their seats. He took a few minutes to encourage them and talk to them about what prayer was before he set his clock for 2 minutes.  That’s it!  2 minutes.

To be honest  I wasn’t sure if people would actually pray, but they did.  To my amazement I saw people facing each other all over the room really praying.  Sure they might have wet their pants in the process but they did it!

The point of the lesson was not to make these people feel uncomfortable.  The point was that if we really want to see God do something in our lives, we have to SEEK Him.  We have to have a relationship with him where simply talking to him comes naturally. In the Bible we see Elijah call for a drought lasting 3 1/2 years  and Joshua pleading with God to make the sun stand still…….through prayer. Then we read verses like this one:

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent [passionate, boiling]  prayer of a righteous man avails [benefits] much.”  James 5:16

I have so much to learn about prayer.  I long to have a prayer life that I feel is effective and powerful.  I want my prayers to be boiling with passion!


Sleepless Nights…. September 21, 2011

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When my husband is out-of-town I have a hard time going to bed.  It is not a fear thing, most nights I actually forget to lock the door, but rather a lack of motivation.  I am by nature a night owl and my husband is a great man who knows that the kids are the ones to suffer when my nocturnal instincts are not kept under control.  But when he goes out of town….all bets are off.  Sleep is thrown to the wind and my nights are enjoyed well into the single digit hours!


Last week I decided at 1:00 am that I needed to bake some cookies.  I was having a hankering for some Carmel know the ones that you can only get ONCE a year from the adorable little girl scout giving you puppy dog eyes as you exit the grocery store.  I am a sucker for these cookies and feel compelled to buy a box every time I am asked.


Since there was no way I was going to find me a girl scout at this hour….I spent a little quality time with my good pal Google and found me a recipe.  One problem….I had NO carmel.  Not a problem.  I have learned recently that there is NOTHING I cannot make from scratch


A google search to find the carmel recipe left me with one missing ingredient.  Sweetened condensed milk.  Yet another google search and I was on my way.


This was actually SUPER easy to make and pennies compared to buying it. 


 Now…the carmel!


Carmel is a serious weakness for me.  I am ALMOST ashamed to admit that I practically ate the bowl in an effort to make sure that there was none wasted!  


 Now that I had that done the cookies were quickly whipped up and thrown into the oven. 



And the final product……

These were a little crunchier than the original ones, but DELICIOUS!!  It is a good thing I had a houseful of teenagers for small group the following night because I could have eaten the entire batch! 

I am so glad that my husband does not have to travel much….I might weigh 500 pounds otherwise!



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I am not very good at being a girl.  Well…what I mean is that I am not good at being a girly-girl.  I like things as simple as possible and pink is not in my top ten.  It confirms that God certainly has a sense of humor in that he gave me 3 daughters.  My oldest, Miriam, is girly enough for both of us!  She has pink oozing out of every pore of her body.  My other two girls are not far behind!

A couple of weeks ago my two boys went off to church camp.  Naturally the girls were a little disappointed that they were going to miss out so we declared it “Girls Only” week at home!  I pledged to do my best to make it the girliest experience possible for my little princesses! 

We spent the week watching princess movies, painting our nails, curling our hair, and putting on make-up.  We ended the week with a pink party.  Here is a pink peek into our celebration:


  We made PINKTASTIC cupcakes!

  We baked PINKTACULAR pizzas!


  We had a BLAST stringing necklaces!


We finished the day with a pedicure!


But the best part of the entire day was that the girls did not want their daddy, the only boy left in the house, to be left out.  They all agreed that in order for him to be a part of the PINKTIVITIES he needed to wear a tutu…………



So I did what any loving wife would do and I made him one!  He was super excited, can you tell?